Lee Grefalda

Lee Grefalda, partner with La Petite Gallerie, brings to the group an added artistic exhibit as a Bird and Waterfowl carver. The detailed work and realistic look of the carved objects is based on the skills and experience he obtained through the years as an artist.    

Lee’s introduction to art was inspired by the various art exhibits he saw on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts during his early adulthood. He delved into the island arts of scrimshaw, waterfowl wood carving, landscape painting and jewelry. The use of wood carving in the form of “Quarter Boards” as a canvas can produce a most interesting painting. His paintings on crafted quarter boards allowed him to continue the New England tradition of using decorative, carved quarter boards displayed for signs designating boats, houses and businesses. During this period, his interest in sculpture and painting evolved and formal training ensued.

He studied sculpture for several years at Parsons School of Design in New York City. Since his move to the Albany, New York Capital Region, he completed an associate’s degree in Fine Arts at Sage College of Albany. He was an active member of the Bethlehem Art Association, exhibiting in their annual shows. At Sage Junior College of Albany Lee has won several prizes for 3-D design, drawing and ceramic sculptures.

Lee was also a faculty member at the Chinese Cultural Center in Albany, New York. He began teaching Art II (Introduction to Acrylic Painting) in Fall 2005 through 2008, to students ages five through twelve.

In his professional career as an engineer and as an artist he has proven that both the left and right brain processes can exist harmoniously to produce an unhindered artistic fusion.

Lee is currently living in the Bluffton area and has joined the carver’s group with Sun City’s Woodworkers club.  He is also a member of the Ceramics club, Art club at Sun City and the Sun City Bird Club.

Lee has been carving decorative decoys for over 12 years.  He has miniaturized his waterfowl carving and has focused on power carving. His interest in bird carvings was inspired by the wood carvers here in Sun City. He is now teaching power carving.

Lee focuses his carvings on most birds found here in the low country.  His waterfowl carvings consist of ducks and shorebirds found in South Carolina. Lee will carve birds or waterfowl found in both the eastern and western regions, upon request.

You may contact Lee at

843-707-1504     camgref@empireone.net