Lauren Terrett

Lauren Terrett is a Bluffton artist inspired by the vibrant and lush lowcountry atmosphere, customs and features that infuse her surroundings. Her work is intuitive and impressionistic with thick paint, texturing, charcoal lines and many colors defining her paintings. Seascapes, flora, local people, and local landmarks are her favorite subjects.

Originally from Connecticut, Lauren first discovered her love of fine arts in high school where she flourished with her teacher, who gave her confidence and courage to experiment and start to develop her skills. She went on to pursue a Fine Arts degree from Cazenovia College in upstate New York. While there, acrylics became her medium of choice. She remembers her professor pushing her talent to a new level.

After her first daughter was born, she decided to pursue her lifelong desire to become a Registered Nurse. Along came her second daughter and there proved to be little time to paint. While she found parenting and her nursing career both very rewarding, she longed to get back to her art. In 2015 she married the love of her life, and with his encouragement, took a leap of faith. She left nursing and immersed herself in her painting.

“While nursing has enabled me to help others heal, painting has a healing effect on me.” Lauren is back at her canvas as much as time allows as she now splits her time between nursing and painting. 

You may see more of Lauren's work on Facebook: ColoredCanvas / Paintings by Lauren Terrett.